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Follow host Theresa Marquez as she exposes the realities of our broken food system and explores solutions put forward by our country's brightest changemakers.

Rootstock Radio celebrates the changemakers who are working to restore and revitalize our broken food and farming system. We balance the doom-and-gloom with real-life solutions for a sustainable future.

Feb 29, 2016

Dr. Guy Jodarski, one of Organic Valley's staff veterinarians joins us to discuss holistic and organic animal care. In addition to animal care, we speak with Dr. Guy about two recent studies released by Newcastle University that show organic milk and meat contain 50% higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

Feb 22, 2016

For 27 years, the Midwest Organic Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) has offered farmers, consumers and the general public workshops, training and information about organic and sustainable farming. Executive Director Faye Jones joins us to discuss the upcoming 27th annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference in La...

Feb 15, 2016

"We're not minimizing our [financial] risk, but we're maximizing quality in a lot of cases, and we're maximizing to me the creativeness that can come into farming." Hear University of Wisconsin-Extension grazing specialist and Organic Valley farmer member Dr. Rhonda Gildersleeve discuss the science and art...

Feb 8, 2016

Looking for more from Frances Moore Lappe? Listen to part 2 of her Rootstock Radio interview as she discusses her new book, "World Hunger: 12 Myths."

Feb 1, 2016

Frances Moore Lappe has been a thought leader in the good food movement since the 1970s. Today, she discusses her new book, "World Hunger: 12 Myths" and examines the world food situation by defining what hunger is and how much food we currently produce. She discusses nutritional stunting and its long term impact,...