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Follow host Theresa Marquez as she exposes the realities of our broken food system and explores solutions put forward by our country's brightest changemakers.

Rootstock Radio celebrates the changemakers who are working to restore and revitalize our broken food and farming system. We balance the doom-and-gloom with real-life solutions for a sustainable future.

Feb 4, 2019

Listen in to hear about:

- Imbuing his writing (and latest book) with a little more heart and soul than your average scientific text.

- Plant consciousness and what Fred thinks about it—Totally implausible? Absolute fact? Tune in to find out.

- How plants can sense nutrients and how this “nutritional wisdom” has been lost in humans.

- The possibility of regaining nutritional wisdom (there may still be hope!)

- One low-cost change you can make in your life that will help “link us back to the land,” as Fred puts it.


Listen at the link below, on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts.