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Follow host Theresa Marquez as she exposes the realities of our broken food system and explores solutions put forward by our country's brightest changemakers.

Rootstock Radio celebrates the changemakers who are working to restore and revitalize our broken food and farming system. We balance the doom-and-gloom with real-life solutions for a sustainable future.

Sep 24, 2018

On this episode…

LaRayia Gaston talks about how her life has been shaped by her passion for feeding the homeless community, and how Lunch On Me is about much more than simply food. She shares how practices recently embraced by wealthy and privileged demographics, like meditation and yoga, are incredibly beneficial for everyone—especially disadvantaged populations.

Tune in to hear about…

  • How Lunch On Me grew to be the powerful change-agent it is today
  • Why LaRayia feels so strongly about cooking and sharing organic meals with the homeless
  • The three women who inspire LaRayia every day
  • The thing that she believes is “vital to human beings to exist, to coexist, and to heal collectively.” You might be surprised!